Basil Baradaran is a freelance writer, animator and illustrator. He has written shorts – both live action and animation, animated on various projects including online videos, and documentaries, and has filmed music videos. His latest project was a short comedy film titled Eat-Me-Not. He unfortunately had to act in a small part, which may have ruined it slightly. He writes short stories and tries to sell them to whoever will buy them.

He’s spent time in England, France and New Zealand although he made his way back to London. Occasionally he gets his currencies confused. His jet-setting ways have convinced him to move to Hong Kong one day and make the greatest Hong Kong crime thriller.
When he’s not acting the fool,  he watches a lot of foreign cinema, and likes to write about them.
Writing is tiring stuff – feel free to buy him a coffee!
 You can find his non-Asian Cinema Critic stuff over at basilbaradaran.net

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