Goddamned Asura

In Lou Yi-an’s bleak drama, even save spamming won’t get you a happy ending.

Secrets in the Hot Spring

Haunted by the past, ghosts, and its own inability to keep a straight face for longer than one minute, Secrets of the Hot Spring is a fun, but messy Taiwanese horror-comedy.

Red Cliff, Part Two

In Part 2, the battle for Red Cliff focuses and offers more drama, combat and plenty of flames.

Red Cliff, Part One

History has never been more grand and more romanticised than in the first part of John Woo's magnificent Three Kingdoms saga.

Nina Wu

An aspiring actress learns that fame has a price in this tense psycho-drama.

The Bold, the Corrupt and the Beautiful

Stylish direction only does so much to save a convoluted, boring story.