Focus Hong Kong: Making Waves

For three days only, Focus Hong Kong returns to London with its touring programme Making Waves – Navigators of Hong Kong Cinema.

Life Without Principle

Life, like the stock market, is full of ups and downs in Johnnie To’s financial crime drama.

Raging Fire

Benny Chan ensures he goes out guns blazing in his final theatrical film.

Twins Effect 2

Boys rule, girls drool in Corey Yuen and Patrick Leung’s aged-like-milk fantasy.

Chinese Visual Festival: Focus HK Easter 2021

Starting this Wednesday, the Chinese Visual Festival returns once more for its Easter 2021 programme. It was only a few months ago that the Chinese Visual Festival graced our computers with its winter 2021 Focus Hong Kong Programme, and no sooner had it left our minds than it suddenly re-appeared with an entire new lineup. … Continue reading Chinese Visual Festival: Focus HK Easter 2021