Twins Mission

Another Twins movie, another 90 minutes of unbridled lunacy

Raging Fire

Benny Chan ensures he goes out guns blazing in his final theatrical film.

I Still Remember

There are no victories too small in Lik Ho’s dramatic, uplifting directorial debut  “For once in your life, cheer yourself on.” I don’t like to talk about it much, but I’ve dedicated a not insignificant portion of my life to running. I haven’t mentioned it a lot mostly because that would be somewhat out of … Continue reading I Still Remember

Chinese Visual Festival: Focus HK Easter 2021

Starting this Wednesday, the Chinese Visual Festival returns once more for its Easter 2021 programme. It was only a few months ago that the Chinese Visual Festival graced our computers with its winter 2021 Focus Hong Kong Programme, and no sooner had it left our minds than it suddenly re-appeared with an entire new lineup. … Continue reading Chinese Visual Festival: Focus HK Easter 2021

A Witness Out of the Blue

Birds cannot testify in court and a man crawls like a cat in Andrew Fung’s excellent whodunnit.

Zu: Warriors from the Magic Mountain

A young soldier finds himself in way over his head in this adaptation of Huanzhulouzhu’s fantasy novel.