Ocean Waves

In Tomomi Mochizuki’s TV romance, as in life, teenage love can only lead to drama.

Big Man Japan

Bigger isn’t always better for a hapless superhero in Hitoshi Matsumoto’s kaiju comedy

Tony Takitani

A middle-aged man tries to live as best he can in Jun Ichikawa’s study of solitude and compulsion “Loneliness is like a prison, that’s how Tony saw it.” I love me a good bombastic action film or melodramatic romance. Cinema is, after all, an audio-visual medium and a movie that can take full advantage of … Continue reading Tony Takitani

Deliver us from Evil

A hitman is thrown into a chaotic cat-and-mouse game, just minutes away from retirement in Hong Won-chan’s action thriller. “You promised to take one last job.” These famous last words are directed at In-nam (Hwang Jung-min), a hitman who’s about ready to throw the towel in and retire to Panama, where people apparently go to … Continue reading Deliver us from Evil